photo2_3The Antakarana kingdom was founded at the end of the seventeenth century by Andriatsirotso, a Zafimbolafotsy. The kingdom stretches from Cap d’Ambre at its northern most tips, to its southern boundary at the Sambirano River.

There are two different stories which describe the founding of the kingdom, one based on historical fact, the other based on legend.

The historical version begins in the middle of the 17th century, when King Andriandahifotsy began a Sakalava (an ethnic group) expansion in western Madagascar. On his death, succession to the throne was complicated by the fact that he was a polygamist. Claimants to the thronphoto76e had to be children of the first marriage to a wife of royal blood; these were known as Zafimbolamena (literally grandchildren of gold). Children of non royal wives were known as the Zafimbolafotsy (literally grandchildren of silver). It was these latter, excluded from the succession, which pushed north to eventually found the Antakarana kingdom.








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